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Find Relief from Dry Eye at Precision Eye Care

Many people deal with chronic dry eye daily, a condition that can significantly impact quality of life.

At Precision Eye Care’s dry eye clinic, we offer a comprehensive approach to diagnose the root cause of your condition and provide long-lasting relief. Our commitment goes beyond temporary relief. 

Our team offers personalized dry eye treatment plans, using IPL and meibography to target the root cause of your symptoms, not just mask them.

Contact us to schedule your appointment and start on the path to dry eye relief.

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Dry Eye Screenings: A Part of Every Exam

Dry eye is a common concern, but you don’t have to live with its uncomfortable symptoms. That’s why we include dry eye screening as a routine part of every comprehensive eye exam

Our dry eye screenings allow our team to get a closer look at the root cause of your dry eye and start preparing a treatment plan to help you find relief.

What Is Dry Eye?

Dry eye is an ocular surface disease caused by a dysfunction in your tear film. The tear film is made of 3 layers:

  • The oily outer layer
  • The watery middle layer
  • The inner mucus layer

If there’s an issue with any of these layers, your tears won’t function properly. Inflammation and other dry eye symptoms can lead to meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), the most common cause of dry eye.

What Is Meibomian Gland Dysfunction?

Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) is a chronic and progressive condition that can affect the function of the meibomian glands in your eyelids. These glands produce an oily layer that helps lubricate the surface of your eyes and stop your tears from evaporating too quickly. 

Signs and symptoms of MGD can include:

  • Watery eyes
  • Fluctuating or blurry vision
  • Discomfort wearing contact lenses or eye makeup

We use IPL therapy and other treatments to target the root cause of your dry eye and help you find relief.

Our Approach to Diagnostics

We take a multi-faceted approach to dry eye treatment to address the underlying cause and alleviate symptoms. In our dry eye clinic, we implement diagnostic technology and a range of treatment options to create your personalized plan.

During the diagnostic stage, we may use various tests and tools to fully understand what your eyes need.


Meibography takes detailed images of your meibomian glands, the tiny glands lining your eyelids that produce the oil layer of your tear film. These images allow us to assess the health and function of your meibomian glands.

If these glands are blocked, your doctor can create a targeted treatment plan to get your eyes feeling comfortable again.

The automated TBUT test is a noninvasive measurement of your tear film break-up time (TBUT). This simple test helps us assess the stability of your tears and identify potential dry eye issues. The faster your tears break up, the drier your eyes may be. 

Knowing your TBUT allows for a personalized plan to keep your eyes comfortable and lubricated.

Dyes and stains can help identify dry patches on your eye’s surface. These specialized drops will temporarily colour areas of your eye’s surface to reveal any damage or dryness, allowing us to better understand the extent of your dry eye condition and create a targeted treatment plan.

The Different Types of Dry Eye

Dry eye is a complex disease caused by several different factors. It’s generally classified into 2 main types: aqueous-deficient and evaporative.

Aqueous-deficient dry eye occurs when your eyes don’t produce enough of the watery component of your tears, called the aqueous layer. It can be caused by aging, medical conditions, or medications. 

Evaporative dry eye occurs when your tear film lacks the oily layer, leading to the tears evaporating too quickly. It can be caused by a blockage or dysfunction in the meibomian glands.

Our Dry Ey Treatments

Our team will work with you to develop a treatment plan that addresses the root cause of your symptoms and helps you find relief.

Your environment and other risk factors, such as exposure to dry air or wind, long-term contact lens wear, and digital eye strain, can increase your chances of developing dry eye, and we consider that all when considering your treatment options.

We offer treatments such as IPL therapy, LipiFlow, and much more.

InMode IPL

The InMode intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment uses targeted pulses of light to address inflammation around your eyelids. IPL helps your meibomian glands function better and produce more oils, preventing your tears from evaporating too quickly.

That translates to less dryness and irritation and much more comfort for your peepers!

LipiFlow targets the root cause of evaporative dry eye by gently warming and massaging your eyelids. It melts blockages in your meibomian glands, improving the quality of your tear film.

Meibomian gland probing is a minimally invasive procedure that helps unclog the meibomian glands. This procedure is generally well-tolerated and can provide significant relief for chronic dry eye.

We offer several prescription and over-the-counter options to supplement your tears and soothe irritation. We also offer supplements like omega-3s and sprays such as hypochlorous spray that help remove debris and inflammation from the eyelid margins.

Lumecca by InMode

Dry Eye Products We Offer

We offer a variety of dry eye products to help our patients find relief. Ask our team for more information about which products we recommend for your needs during your next visit.

Thealoz Duo Eye Drops

Thealoz Duo eye drops are preservative-free and can provide long-lasting relief for moderate to severe dry eye. Thealoz Duo mimics healthy tears to help bring comfort and restore moisture to your eyes.

I-Drop Pur artificial tears can soothe and protect your eyes! These preservative-free eye drops can provide long-lasting comfort with a viscoadaptive formula that mimics tears.

PRN Omega-3s

PRN Omega-3 supplements are specially formulated with high levels of EPA and DHA, essential nutrients that can support healthy tear production.

The ZEST kit utilizes a gentle, okra-based gel to help remove debris and reduce inflammation along your eyelids. Cleansing your eyelids with this kit can help clear clogged oil glands that contribute to dry eye symptoms.

Book Your Appointment to Address Dry Eyes

We understand the importance of managing dry eye for quality of life. Your comfort and eye health are our priorities, and we want to help you find long-term relief from irritating symptoms. 

Contact us to schedule an appointment today. Let our team help you find lasting relief and experience the joy of comfortable vision again.

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