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Our Technology & the Power of Precision

We believe technology is a powerful tool to elevate your eye care experience, so we’ve invested in technology that provides comprehensive examinations, diagnoses conditions accurately, and offers solutions for your unique visual needs.

Our team is always looking for new ways to help you, including implementing ever-evolving technology. When you visit us, you can expect comprehensive vision care that uses diagnostic, dry eye, and contact lens technology

We strive to make your eye care experience productive and informative—contact us to schedule your appointment today and experience our technology.

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Meeting Your Eye Health Needs

We use technology throughout all stages of diagnosis and treatment at Precision Eye Care. Whether you need help managing dry eyes or an eye disease like glaucoma, we have the technology to support your well-being and prepare personalized treatment plans based on your individual needs.

Our Imaging Technology

The diagnostic stage is an important part of your eye exam. We take our time to get the full picture of your eye health using imaging technology such as:

  • Optomap retinal imaging: This panoramic imaging system captures a wide-field view of your retina, allowing us to detect subtle changes that might be missed in a traditional exam. Think of it as a complete map of your retinal health.
  • Zeiss optical coherence tomography (OCT): This technology uses light waves to create a detailed cross-sectional image of your retina and its layers. OCT provides the clarity we need to detect eye diseases like glaucoma and macular degeneration early.

Detailed Examination Tools

During your exam, we may also use different tools to check for any irregularities or issues with your eyes. Some of these tools include:

  • Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer: This instrument accurately measures your peripheral vision, helping us identify potential blind spots or visual field loss associated with conditions like glaucoma.
  • Firefly anterior segment camera: This camera allows us to take high-resolution images of the front of your eye, providing a magnified view of the cornea, iris, and lens. 

Precision Through Innovation

Imaging technology isn’t the only thing we offer. We also offer dry eye technology, lens technology, and other tools to take your eye care experience to the next level, including:

  • Medmont a-scan & b-scan: These ultrasound technologies provide detailed measurements of your eye, which is crucial for planning cataract surgery or diagnosing certain eye conditions.
  • Hoya MiYOSMART lenses: If your children are struggling with myopia, we can help. We offer Hoya MiYOSMART lenses, which have been clinically proven to slow down the progression of nearsightedness in children.
  • InMode IPL: The InMode IPL delivers gentle light pulses to stimulate tear glands, increasing natural tear production and offering long-lasting relief for dry eye symptoms.

For more information about dry eye and our dry eye treatments, please visit our Dry Eye Clinic page.

Contact Lens Technology Tailored to Your Needs

We offer a wide range of advanced contact lens options to fit your specific needs and lifestyle, including:

  • Aspheric Lenses: These lenses provide superior optics compared to traditional spherical lenses, resulting in sharper and clearer vision.
  • Toric Lenses: These lenses help correct astigmatism and feature varying powers throughout the lens to compensate for an irregular corneal shape and provide sharper vision.

Hybrid & Multifocal Contact Lenses: These lenses combine the benefits of different technologies to offer vision correction for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and presbyopia (age-related near-vision loss).

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