Hyperopia (farsightedness)

What is farsightedness?
Farsightedness is when near objects are out of focus, and the distant objects are clear.

What causes farsightedness?
Farsightedness can be caused by the length of the eye being too short or not enough curvature to the cornea. A farsighted individual will involuntarily focus to keep distant objects clear, and exert even more energy to maintain focus on near objects. If the lens and muscles used to maintain clear vision get tired from focusing too much, the vision becomes blurry.

Who develops farsightedness?
Many individuals have some degree of farsightedness. It is estimated that up to 50% of the population have correction for focusing conditions such as farsightedness and presbyopia.

Common signs/symptoms of farsightedness are eye strain or fatigue, difficulty concentrating and focusing and headaches when doing near activity. In mild cases, the lens and muscles can handle the extra work, however if it is moderate to severe, glasses or contact lenses are recommended.

An optometrist can correct farsightedness with contact lenses, glasses or reading glasses depending on the severity of the farsightedness.

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