Myopia (Nearsightedness)

What is nearsightedness?
Nearsightedness is a condition where near objects are seen clearly, and distant objects appear out of focus.

What causes nearsightedness?
This can be caused by the length of the eye being too long or the cornea being too curved.

Who develops nearsightedness?
Nearly 30% of the Canadian population is nearsighted. It mostly develops in school aged children, when the eye is still growing. Nearsightedness usually develops before the age of 20. There is some evidence which suggests that nearsightedness can be hereditary, and other studies that show it can be related to excessive near work.

A common sign of nearsightedness is squinting when looking at far objects, inability to see road signs or the board at school.

How is nearsightedness treated?
An optometrist can correct nearsightedness with corrective lenses or contact lenses. In some cases, laser surgery is another option for those individuals that meet the criteria.

An optometrist can correct farsightedness with contact lenses, glasses or reading glasses depending on the severity of the farsightedness.

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